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American ReLeaf was formed in 2019; however we have been cultivating cannabis products since 2016 for patients in Maine. 

We took a break from growing our own cannabis to dedicate our time in building a dispensary with our own hands in the dead of winter. We are dedicated to our patients and consumers like we were in building our location through the tough times. We will continue to strive for you and make your experience the best one.

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Our Mission

American ReLeaf’s goal is to serve cannabis patients and consumers by providing state of the art facilities designed and built to produce high quality, consistent cannabis that is cultivated and processed in a controlled, secure, and sustainable environment.

Our Vision

We’re not here to just run pot shops. We want to have innovative and leading retail stores, that also happen to sell cannabis products.

American ReLeaf will continue to pursue new opportunities nationally in its effort to enhance lives through cannabis.

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